Ritva Hapuli wrote:
“onpa hyvä uutinen. Minusta saksa olisi tärkein kieli.”
on my question:
“mal angenommen, wir bekommen die Rechte für die Erzählung von Aino Kallas – in welche Sprache sollte man sie übersetzen lassen? Dafür könnten wir 1 Stipendium in Ventspils ausloben”.

So Ritva would propose Aino Kallas’ tale “The White Ship from  Lasnamäe” to be translated to German.

And Polina wrote from St. Petersburg that in her opinion Lermontov is too little translated, so we should support different translations of him.

In cooperation with the International Writers and Translators’ House in Ventspils we can now offer 5 scholarships to start with.
The proposed texts to be translated are:
1. Aino Kallas, Lasnamäen valkea laiva (Finnish) → German
2. Theodor Fontane, Effi Briest (German) → Icelandic
3. Bragi Ólafsson, Sendiherrann (Icelandic) → Lithuanian: Jurgita Marija Abraityte
4. Sigitas Geda, Poems (Lithuanian) → Finnish
5. Friedebert Tuglas, Noorusmälestused (Estonian) → Swedish: Heidi Granqvist
6. Tomas Tranströmer, Östersjöar (Swedish) → Polish: Magdalena Wasilewska Chmura
7. Anna Akhmatova, Poems (Russian) → Norwegian
8. Tor Eystein Øverås, Til – en litterær reise (Norwegian) → Latvian: Dace Denina
9. Roalds Dobrovenskis, Magnus, dāņu princis (Latvian) → Danish: Karsten Lomholt
10. Karen Blixen, Vinter-Eventyr (Danish) → Estonian
11. Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, Petersburg (Polish) → Russian

We will now ask the 5 translators which names we have on the list if they are interested in a stay in Ventspils. The House will cover their stay, while we pay the travel costs.

Dear all,

now some big events passed and I can start to think about something else.

I am thinking about what you wrote, how to find scholars, or maybe it is better to invite those we just know.

At the House I booked every month except June one place for this project, but about scholarship I cannot tell anything, because starting with the crisis we are really looking for every scholarship for every resident and so nobody knows how it will be next year. at least there will be a place, but how big could be scholarship – no idea. so if you have any chance to find money for scholarships, that would help a lot.

But tell me is it clear – what books they are planned to translate?? I remember you did that meeting here, but afterwords were there selected some texts to translate and into which languages etc…???

so one is clear I have a place for them, but the rest still should be done.

ieva balode