Dahlman, Eva

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Eva Dahlman, born in Visby in 1947, is a Bachelor of Arts, photo historian, ethnologist and honorary doctor at Stockholm University. She lives in Stockholm and has been active at the Nordic Museum and the National Library of Sweden. Has been an independent photo historian since 2012 and is involved in museums and other cultural institutions as a lecturer.
Vice Chairman of the Center for Photography, a nationwide interest and member association for photographers and other professional groups active in photography. She is also a leading force in the network ”National responsibility for photography” in Sweden, which deals with questions about the history and future of the photographic still image.
Her research is particularly focused on female photographers and rural photography in Sweden. She is working on a book about women behind the camera in Sweden 1845 - 1945 and one about female photographers in Gotland. In 1991, Lotten von Düben. In Lapland was published, and in 2015 Exponerad tid - Johan Emanuel Thorins fotografier 1890 –1930 (Exposed Time - Johan Emanuel Thorin's photographs 1890 –1930, co-author Gunvor Vretblad). She has published about thirty photo-historical articles, both in Sweden and internationally.