Pervik, Aino

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Aino Pervik
Aino Pervik was graduated from Tartu State University in 1955 as a specialist of Finno-Ugric languages, have worked as an editor of children’s literature in State Publishing House and editor of children’s programs on Estonian TV, freelance writer since 1967. Mainly known as an author of books for children, but also as a prose writer, poet and translator of Hungarian literature. Her children’s books combine elements of fairy-tales, fantasy with realistic bits of everyday life. She is not afraid to deal with “hard” topics of good and evil, justice, humanity, responsibility, man’s relations with nature, her books make children think, not teach them a lesson. Aino Pervik’s best known books are “Kunksmoor” (“Old mother Kunks”, 1973) and “Kunksmoor ja kapten Trumm” (“Old mother Kunks and captain Trumm”, 1975), later issued as one book, “Arabella, mereröövli tütar” (“Arabella, the pirate’s daughter”, 1983) and “Kallis härra Q” (“Dear mister Q”, 1992).
Literary awards: Juhan Smuul’s award in 1976 for “Kunksmoor ja kapten Trumm”, Friedebert Tuglas’ short story award in 1983 for short story “Anna”, annual award of Writers’ Union in 1993 for “Kallis härra Q”.