ruokyte jonsson lianaFormer Lithuanian culture attachée to Sweden, co-translator of Sigitas Geda to Swedish, has just been nominated as the new culture minister of Lithuania: Liana Ruokyte Jonssson. Our congratulations and we wish her good luck for the new task!

We can now present two new essays,

by American author Gina Ochsner: Meeting Latvia (Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, New York)

and by the late Swedish author Birgitta Trotzig: Från en ort till en annan (Courtesy of Maria Trotzig)

and the following texts:

Chronicon Lyvoniae in Finnish

Egils saga in Lithuanian

Sigitas Geda's poems in Latvian, translated by Knuts Skujenieks

Translations by the late Björn Collinder: Kalevala and two Sami yoiks in Swedish

Hermann Sudermann, The Book of My Youth in English

Siegfried Lenz, Die Ferne ist nah genug © Hoffmann und Campe

Jüri Tuulik, Tellikaatne in German, translated by Irja Grönholm