Voronov, Evgeny

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Evgeny Voronov

Evgeny Voronov was born in 1967 and grew up in the Urals, where he still has one of his dwelling places. He studied engineering, languages and the arts. After graduating from the Perm Polytechnical University, he became a programmer and a translator. Later he focused on music and electricity. His native German and not lesser his native Russian also played their role: his technical and engineering activities for the benefit of hydropower plants and pulp and paper mills in the Urals and Siberia, Karelia and Tuva developed in close cooperation with manufacturers from Europe, whose production has been so fond of in Russia since a long time. Since 30 years, after studying Russian literature at Moscow State University and the study of the basics of the German economy in the city of Tübingen, he actively supports through his personal example the convergence between Germany and Russia in the fields of literature and music, as well as technology. He studies European history in the aspects of language and movements, the architecture of Prussia in the aspect of form, he writes stories and notes.