Vorobeva, Ekaterina

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Ekaterina Vorobeva

Ekaterina Leonidovna Vorobeva is a poet, prose writer and translator. She was born in Stepnogorsk, Tselinogorskaya obl., USSR, in 1991 and began writing poems at the age of six. The first book of her lyrics called “Following the Dream” was published in 2007. Vorobeva’s compositions can be found on pages of major Saint Petersburg literary editions such as, for example, “Nevsky Miscellany”.

In 2012 Vorobeva became the Klavdia Holodova All-Russian Literary Prize laureate. In 2014 she won the Second Prize in Literary Translation from Finnish and Scandinavian languages Competition within the Decade of Foreign Languages and Cultures in St. Petersburg. At the moment Vorobeva is doing her Master’s degree in Baltic Sea Region studies at the University of Turku.