Weinstock, John

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John Weinstock
John Weinstock holds a Ph.D. in Indo-European Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin 1966 and is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin 2011. He has translated among others Matti Aikio, In Reindeer Hide. Agarita Press, 2015Matti Aikio, The Village at the Riverbend. Agarita Press, 2014 and Ailo Gaup, Night Between the Days [Natten mellom dagene], Nordic Studies Press, 2011, from Sámi resp. Norwegian.
His recent publications include: “Thoughts About Saami Prehistory.” In “Samar som ‘den andre’, samar om ‘den andre’: Identitet og etnisitet i nordiske kulturmøte,” Sámi dutkan – Samiska studier. Umeå, 2010.
"Wagner's Leit Vox Germanica: Essays in Germanic Languages and Literature in Honor of James E. Cathey. ACMRS, 2012.
"Sami prehistory revisited: assimilation, transactions, admixture and the phylogeographic picture of Scandinavia." International Sami Research Seminar. Forthcoming 2012.
“Genetic heterogeneity in Scandinavia: Not only the Sami (also in Norwegian: Genetisk heterogenitet i Skandinavia: ikke bare samene).” L'Image du Sápmi II. Études comparées Textes réunis par Kajsa Andersson. Humanistica Oerebroensia, 2013.
“Two champions of Sami literature and culture: Laila Stien and Ailo Gaup.” L'Image du Sápmi III. Études comparées Textes réunis par Kajsa Andersson. Humanistica Oerebroensia, 2013.
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