Savukynas, Bronys

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Bronys Savukynas © Leona Korkutiene

Bronys Savukynas, renowned Lithuanian linguist, translator, and editor-in-chief of Kultūros barai since 1991, was born in the village Čyvonys in the Seinai district in 1930 and died in Vilnius in 2008. Savukynas's contribution to Lithuanian intellectual culture was considerable. Already a well-known academic, he joined the staff of Kultūros barai in 1968 and worked hard to make it the most open and critical journal possible during those difficult years. After the "singing revolution" in 1990, he re-created the journal, turning it into a publication of European intellectual format.
An author of numerous academic articles, an editor of eight collections of essays on language and semiotics, and author and co-author of several influential scholarly dictionaries and important translator of Johannes Bobrowski e.g., Bronys Savukynas was an active and prominent public figure in Lithuanian intellectual life right through to the last days of his life.

In 2007 he was awarded the Culture and Arts Prize by the Lithuanian Government.