Bjelfvenstam, Dorothea

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Dorothea Bjelfvenstam © private
Born in 1933, she grew up in Königsberg, lived in Potsdam until 1952 and moved to Sweden in 1955. She introduced Finnish-Swedish writer Tove Jansson in German, esp. the Moomin books and her books for adults, and translated prose books by Lars Norén, Axel Strindberg and others to German, before working as a teacher in Stockholm.

In 2012 she published an autobiographical book of her own, Man nannte uns Hitlermädchen. Kinderlandverschickung von Königsberg (Pr.) nach Sachsen.

Interview with Dorothea Bjelfvenstam, summer 2022, in German: Gespräch über die Übersetzungen von Tove Jansson.