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    Baltic Sea
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    Trondhjem - Trondheim

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    After a groundbreaking modernist phase in his youth (Hunger, Mysteries, Pan), Hamsun had a middle phase with what has become known as the wanderer-books -- melancholy works narrated in the first person between 1906 and 1912 -- before he begins to write lively people-crowded quite old-fashioned narratives, starting with Børn av tiden (Children of the Age) in 1913 (with the publication of Rosa and Benoni in 1908 as a foreplay). This way of writing will occupy him to his death. In a way one could say that he spends the last part of his life writing novels in the manner he had attacked in his youth.

  • Translations
    Language Year Translator
    English 1980 James Mc Farlane
    Finnish 1928 Lauri Hirvensalo
    German 1927 Julius Sandmeier & Sophie Angermann
    Polish 1924 Wacław Berent
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