C. M. Bellman-Museum, Stora Henriksvik, Långholmen, S-11723 Stockholm
Haga slott, Brunnsviken, Solna, 5 km north of Stockholm

Stockholm as the stage for Carl Michael Bellman's poems and songs Fredmans epistlar (1790) is best represented by his favourite place Haga slott at Brunnsviken, Solna, north of Stockholm, and the newly founded Bellman-Museum, situated on the green island of Långholmen in the middle of the city, near the old prison. At his time, Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795), born in the Southern part of Stockholm, was a personal friend of the director of the spinning-house at Långholmen, Hans Hansson Björkman. The site is mentioned in Fredmans Epistel nr 48 (“Solen glimmar blank och trind”) as the passage where the peasants from Lake Mälaren, on their way to the market-places in Stockholm's Old Town had to pay customs for their merchandise (“Lilla Sjötullen”). Outside the old house a spice garden has been installed in the 18 th century style. The park café is open during the summer season.

A very specific place connected with the life of Bellman is also the restaurant Den Gyllene Freden in the Old Town of Stockholm, a hot spot for world literature, as the Swedish Academy is gathering there once a week.

Bellman's grave is situated outside the Klara Church in the middle of Stockholm.