Atterbom, Per Daniel Amadeus

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Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, 1831, portrait by Johan Gustaf Sandberg
Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, born in Åsbo, Östergötland (Sweden) in 1790, died in Uppsala in 1855. Atterbom grew up in a vicarage, studied philosophy and became a professor of Aesthetics in Uppsala in 1828. As a poet he was a major exponent of romanticism in Sweden, with a circle of like-minded people he founded the "Aurora Alliance" and worked for the literary magazine Phosphoros.
His most famous work is the drama Lycksalighetens ö (Island of the Blessed) in 1827, rev. version 1854. From 1817 to 1819 he went on a grand tour to the South. His "Travel Images from Romantic Germany" appeared posthumously.