Eriksson, Ulf et al.

Eriksson, Ulf et al. Image 1

© Cato Lein

Ulf Eriksson, poet and prose writer from Stockholm, Anna Harrison, translator from Lithuanian and Polish to Swedish, Mikael Nydahl, Swedish publisher of “Ariel” förlag, Carina Nynäs, Finnish-Swedish poet from Åbo, Liana Ruokytė, Lithuanian cultural attaché in Stockholm and Copenhagen, and Casper Udmark, poet from Copenhagen, gathered for a workshop in the year 2000, organised by the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators in Visby, in order to translate Sigitas Geda’s poems together with the poet himself (according to the model of the Royaumont Foundation).

The translations are a result of this common effort, they continued after the workshop and led to the publication of a Swedish selection of Geda’s poems in 2001.