Aarsalu, Elsbeth Hanna

Elsbeth Hanna Aarsalu was born in Tartu, Estonia, in 1994.
She studied History, German and Classical Philology at the University of Tartu. She has been writing art, film and literary criticism on young Estonian artists and poets as well as on international authors (Tõnis Vilu, Eugen Ruge), reportages from home and abroad, and translated young German speaking authors into Estonian (Slata Roschal, Vea Kaiser) for the literary and cultural magazines Müürileht and Värske Rõhk. She has worked as a lecturer of Estonian language at the University of Greifswald, Germany, and currently teaches Estonian at a private language school. She has also occasionally translated older text fragments from Latin and Old Greek.
She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.