Glushkin, Oleg

Oleg Borisovich Glushkin was born in Velikie Luki in 1937. He graduated from Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute and worked in the fishing industry.
In the years after 1990 he was the editor-in-chief of the culture magazines «Запад России» и «Параллели» ("West of Russia" and "Parallels").
He is the author of seventeen books of prose and was awarded the Kant diploma (in the year 2000) for his contribution to the development of culture in the Kaliningrad region and expansion of contacts between Russian and European culture. He was awarded the Inspiration Prize for the book of short stories «Пути паромов» ("The Ferry Roads") and the Recognition Prize for the novel «Саул и Давид» ("Saul and David"). Winner of the "Artiada of the Peoples of Russia".
He is a member of the Regional organization of writers of the Kaliningrad oblast and the executive committee of the Kaliningrad branch of the PEN-Center. And he was elected as a co-chairman of the Union of Russian Writers.