Gehlin, Jan

Born 1922 in Norrköping. Candidate of Law in 1946. Judge at the Justic of Appeal (Hovrätt) in 1977. Chairman of the Swedish Authors' Association 1965-70 and for its successor Sveriges Författarförbund 1971-82.
In addition to his long-standing and appreciated activities in the authors' service - he has successfully engaged in author's law problems - he has devoted himself to writing as a poet and novelist. He debuted with the poem collection Att gripa varligt (1943) in a modernist style.
As a novelist he has written the partially autobiographical books Enskilt område (1949) and Gränstrakter (1953), the latter a depiction of the time for military preparedness. His other novels include Vackre prinsen (1968), which deals with the subject of legal certainty, and Malin Palm (1987), which, according to the author himself, is a kind of morality with an "old-fashioned morality". He also translated, mostly from Danish.