Fjellner, Anders

Fjellner, Anders Image 1

Anders Fjellner © Lotten von Düben
Born on 18th of September 1795 in Rutfjällen in Härjedalen (Sweden, South Sápmi), died on 22 of February 1876 in Sorsele (south sami: Suarsa, umesami Suorssá), Sweden. 
Anders Fjellner was a pastor, collector of Sámi folklore, and author. He became famous through the poem Päiven Pārne᾿ / Biejvien Bárnieh (Son of the Sun), that was translated in many languages already during his lifetime. 
Graduating in 1821 in Uppsala, Fjellner became a substitute clergyman in Jukkasjärvi and Karesuando parish in North Sweden. After 20 years in the Karesuando area, Fjellner moved to his new post as pastor in Sorsele, where he remained for the rest of his life. In Sorsele Fjellner was visited by Gustav von Düben and Otto Donner and several other well-known researchers who wrote down his stories and myths.