Wyneken, Ruth

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Ruth Wyneken © privat

Born in Bavaria, Germany. Grew up in Essen. Master of Arts at the LMU University of Munich in 1977, in Slavic and Russian Studies and Philosophy; thesis on Chronotopos in Mikhail Bulgakov’s THE MASTER AND MARGARITA. Since 1987 working as a freelance.

Drama teacher and dramaturgy adviser with profound knowledge of Russian Theatre-School-Method (Stanislavsky and following masters) with about 20 lecturships. Initiator and artistic director of several German-Russian theatre- and cultural projects in Germany, Switzerland and Russia and the symposium “Bridges to Russia” at the European Womens’ Forum in Illereichen, Germany (2001). Author and editor of several books and more than 100 feature articles and publications on Russian culture and theatre in German-language newspapers and theatrical journals as well as for the radio. Translator of dramatic works and theatrical literature (Anatoly Vasilyev: “To the only Reader”, Berlin 2003) and from Prof. Yurij Alschitz. Closely connected with the “School of Dramatic Arts (former director: Anatoly Vasilyev) in Moscow since 1987; extensive travel in the former Soviet Union (Baltic, Volga, Siberia) by invitation of the Russian Theater Association from 1988 until 1991.

From 1992 through 1998 continuously living in St. Petersburg, after 1998 both in Germany and Russia. Lectures-Performances in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart and others.