Tuulik, Jüri

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Jüri Tuulik © Raivo Tasso
Prose writer and playwright Jüri Tuulik (1940 - 2014) was graduated from Tartu State University in 1963, worked as a journalist in different newspapers, professional writer since 1969. Most of his stories describe village life on his home island Abruka (less than 100 habitants), sometimes stories are placed on the biggest Estonian island Saaremaa. Dealing with very limited material (village, sea, seashore), Jüri Tuulik has achieved remarkable results in his short stories' collections "Meretagune asi" ("An overseas matter" 1976), "Külatraagik" ("The village tragedian" 1980) and short novel "Vares" ("Crow" 1979) to show one man's simple life as a matter of great imortance. The local dialect is often used, not only for humoristic purposes but also to give lyrical qualities to his stories and plays.
Prizes: August Mälk's short story award in 1998 for "Nende aastate pilved" ("Clouds of those years"); Oskar Luts' award in 2005; Friedebert Tuglas' short story award in 2009 for "Tellikaatne" ("Delicate matter").