Salokannel, Juhani

Juhani Salokannel, born in Mikkeli in 1946, has been editor, publisher, writer and translator of a plentitude of literary works from Estonian to Finnish (by Jaan Kaplinski, Jaan Kross, Viivi Luik, A. H. Tammsaare etc.).
Among his various tasks he was the chief editor of the literary magazine Parnasso during the years 1980-86 and head of the Suomen Viron-instituutti 1997–2000, and entrusted with the task of being chairman of the Eino Leino-Society 1980–86, Otto Manninen-Society 1989–96, Juhani Aho-Society 2003–09 as well as executive manager of the Tuglas-Society 2006-12.
Juhani Salokannel was awarded the Finnish State prize for Literature in 1987 and 2012, the Estonian State prize in 1995. He received as well the FIT-Karel Čapek Medal for Translation from a Language of Limited Diffusion in 2008 and the Jaan Kross-prize in 2014.