Leesch, Klaus

Klaus Leesch was born in 1947 in Stralsund and grew up in the Ruhr. After a commercial apprenticeship, working as a dental salesman, four years of service in the air force and secondary school as a mature student, he completed his studies in Cologne as a qualified librarian in public libraries. Afterwards he worked as an archivist / documentarist for more than 25 years at the WDR (Western German Broadcaster) in Cologne, where he was for many years head of the press documentation of this broadcaster. In "retirement" he completed his Masters in history in 2013. Currently doctoral thesis on "Eduard Bernstein. Life and Work. 1850-1932" with Prof. Dr. Peter Brandt.

He published »Vorwärts« in »Die Neue Zeit«. Die sozialdemokratische Presse im langen 19. Jahrhundert ("Vorwärts" in "Die Neue Zeit": The social democratic press in the long 19th century) in 2014.