Haugane, Karin

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Karin Haugane was born in Haugesund in 1950. She is a cand. phil. with a major in history and made her debut in 1989 with a collection of poetry and prose: Rester av glemsel (Remains of Oblivion). She works also as a translator and has among others rendered Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations into Norwegian.
Her writing consists of twelve collections of poems; prose poems, family elegies, love poems, epic poems, and sonnets, a collection of essays and four translations from English, French and German. Her essays deal with themes such as the neglected child, about writing poems, retelling poetry, and examining poets' form and expression; such as Paul Celan's, Marina Tsvetajeva's, Ingeborg Bachmann's, Gunvor Hofmo's, Inger Christensen's, Robert Frost's, Gennady Aygi's, Arthur Rimbaud's.
Her most recent publication is the collection of essays Språk og erfaring (Language and Experience), Gyldendal Norsk, Oslo 2020.