domokos johannaJohanna Domokos
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Johanna Domokos obtained her MAs in Hungarian and English Studies at University of Cluj (1994), in Finno-Ugric Studies at University of Szeged (1994), and in Semiotics at Technical University Berlin, (2001), her PhD in comparative literature at University of Szeged (1999) and "venia legendi" at Lorand Eötvös University, Budapest (2011). Her work focuses on multicultural and multilingual aspects of certain literatures in North and East Europe (esp. Finnish, Saami and Hungarian). She has published extensively on multicultural studies, translation theory and practice, and intersections of linguistics, poetics and semiotics. Johanna Domokos has taught at various European and American Universities.



Dr. habil. Johanna DOMOKOS
Research associate
Literary Studies
Universität Bielefeld

University Professor
Institute of Arts Studies and General Humanities
Károli Gáspár University, Budapest