Tuglas, Friedebert

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Friedebert Tuglas

As prose writer, translator and prominent critic Tuglas was one of the most influential people in Estonian literature from the beginning of the 20th century, a brilliant organiser ("Pope of Estonian literature"). He was a founder of the movement Noor-Eesti (Young Estonia) (1905), founder and  first chairman of Estonian Writers’ Union (1922) and founder and a first editor of Estonia's main literary magazine Looming (1923), initiator of Estonian Cultural Endowment – this list is not complete. He also founded a short story award in 1970.

Despite having an intellectual and analytic approach to literature he introduced impressionism and expressionism to Estonian literature. Intellectual play with new styles fascinated him. And today he became a fascinating character in modern Estonian literature (short story by Jaan Undusk, play by Andrus Kivirähk).

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