Nilsson, Lars-Inge

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Lars-Inge Nilsson

Lars-Inge Nilsson was born in 1953. He studied literature, philosophy and sociology in Lund, Sweden, and in later years Slavic languages at Gothenburg University. He also studied at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås, Sweden, and now works as a librarian in Borås and as a literary critic for the newspaper Borås Tidning. After publishing three volumes of poetry in the early 1980s, he translated Paul Celan into Swedish in 1985, 1999 and 2011, Peter Huchel in 1988, Rose Ausländer in 1999, Johannes Bobrowski in 2001, Elke Erb in 2003 and the correspondence between Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan in 2011 (together with Margaretha Holmqvist). He has also translated poems by Mircea Cartarescu and a novel by Norman Manea from Rumanian in Swedish.