Palilionis, Petras

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Petras Palilionis © Romas Juškelis

Born in North Lithuania in 1940, Petras Palilionis is a Lithuanian poet, essayist, drama writer, translator, producer and executor of various publication projects.

In 1969, he graduated from Vilnius University in law. His most significant contributions were accomplished while he was working as the editor in-chief of the Kaunas’ Branch of the Lithuanian Radio and Television, as the chairman of Kaunas' Branch of the Lithuanian Writers Union, as the chairman of Kaunas' Branch of the Association LATGA (collective administration of the rights of copyright holders of the Republic of Lithuania) and as the chairman of Kaunas' Branch of the Lithuanian Association of Artists.

Petras Palilionis wrote and published various poems, essays, translations, poetical and factual dramatic literature, radio and TV scenarios, participated in projects concerning original Lithuanian literature classics. In post-Soviet Lithuania, he was the first interested in the personality of Finland-Swedish modernist Henry Parland, his creative heritage and commemoration. In 2002, Petras Palilionis translated and compiled a book about H. Parland. Two years later, after having received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, he published the book Henry Parland. Spring in Kaunas with Parland's poems and correspondence and memorabilia.