Reichstein, Reinhard

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Reinhard Reichstein, born in Paderborn in 1956, studied pharmacy in Münster/Westphalia and Romance studies and Philosophy in Berlin, where he moved in 1980. His romance book publication is: Imagination in Gérard de Nerval's Narrative Work (Würzburg 1992).

In addition to running a pharmacy, he has written various essays in anthologies and scientific journals, including on Goethe's Faust and Wilhelm Meister. He is a member of the literary circle "Spree-Athen", the discussion circle "Theophil" in Birkenwerder and the Society for Indo-Asian Art in Berlin. The essay on Persian miniature painting and the architecture of the Mughals: 'Diwan-i-Khas' - the House of the One Pillar Throne of Fatehpur Sikri (Indo-Asian Journal, Berlin 2016-2017) resulted from his occupation with India.

Reinhard Reichstein has lived in Borgsdorf near Oranienburg since 1997, and the extent to which he feels at home there and in the land of Theodor Fontane is underlined by his novel Das Kaffeehaus - eine Liebe in Brandenburg (2019).