Lebedev, Sergey

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© Tanja Draškić Savić
Sergey Lebedev was born in Moscow in 1981. Both of his parents were geologists who worked in the remote areas of the USSR. Following their path, since the age of fifteen Lebedev worked eight seasons as a field worker in the geologist expeditions at the Far North of Russia and Central Asia. These were mainly the former Gulag areas remained untouched and non-habited since the camps were closed in the midst of sixties.
Later Lebedev became a journalist mainly focused on historical and educational issues. Also he contributed as the investigative correspondent.
Since 2010 Lebedev wrote five novels dedicated to the theme of the soviet hidden past, to the impact of Stalin`s repressions and its consequences in a modern Russian life.
Four novels are written through the lens of the family`s history.
These novels are «The edge of the Oblivion» («Der Himmel auf ihren Schultern» in Germany), «The year of the comet», «The people of August», «Goose Fritz» («Der Kronos kinder»). They form sort of a meta-novel, which explores the Soviet totalitarian trauma from the different angles and depicts a family as imprint of such trauma.
The fifth novel, «Untraceable», is an intellectual thriller exploring the shadowy world of the Russian secret services and their operations abroad.