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    Stutthof concentration camp, Sztutowo, Poland
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    After the war, Sruoga wrote in a few months a book about the Stutthof concentration camp called 'Forest of the gods'. This is one of the first memoirs in Europe about the Nazi concentration camps. In it the process of dehumanization, which the totalitarian systems perpetrated, is exposed from within. Unlike in many other works of this genre, here an attempt is made to conceal fragile human nature under external irony, laughter through tears, a screen for what cannot be completely told. But the book was received with hostility by the Soviet system because of its subtle irony, which did not allow a note of sentimentality to thrust its way through in the presence of the brutality and meaninglessness of death. The book was not published until about a decade later, when Europe had more or less had its fill of this kind of memoir. It is entitled "Forest of the Gods," after the name of the swampy place in which the Stutthof concentration camp had been built.

    Erika Drungyte

  • Translations
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    English 1996 Aušrinė Byla
    Estonian 1976 Valvi Strikaitienė
    German 2007 Markus Roduner
    Latvian 1968 Harijs Gāliņš
    Polish 1965 Stanisław Majewski 
    Russian 1974 Grigory Kanovich
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