Arzymagnus (Арцымaгнус)

  • Country in which the text is set
    Latvia, Estonia
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    Livonia (Latvia, Estonia)
    Marienhausen (Мариенгаузен)
    Viljaka (Виляка)
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    The novel depicts the events that happened around Baltic Sea in Livonian war, at the 16th century — the most bloody century in European and Baltic history. The novel is set in a very innovative manner, combining author's fiction on the life of Danish prince Magnus, combined with memories from authors biography and reflections on phenomena of human life, culture, politics, combined with authentic chronicle texts and interpretations by Livonian, German, Russian, Latvian and Polish historians. According to a legend passed on in Dobrovensky's family, the protagonist, prince Magnus, is one of his own predecessors.

    As the director of Latvian national library Andris Vilks puts it, the novel is the most remarkable interpretation of 16th century collisions that was ever set in Latvia. The meaning of the book goes beyond its literary qualities — it enshrines a new interpretation of Baltic and Russian history that is radically different from interpretations of contemporary western and eastern historians. Especially this is true for the history of Russia which is not actually known due to ideological constraints that have always affected the country.

    Im 2003 a fragment of novel, after publication in literary magazine "Denj i Noch" in Russia, was nominated for the prize of Apollon Grigoryev, at that time the most prestigious literary award in Russia. Dobrovensky has received multiple Latvian literary awards and also receives a lifelong government grant for his contribution in Latvian literature.

  • Balticness

    The protagonist prince Magnus is one of the most interesting personalities in the Baltic history. Probably the most important fact is that he was the first and last person to bear the title of "King of Livonia" – assigned to him by Russian tsar Ivan Grozny. His destiny unites almost all countries located around the Baltic Sea. The events of novel take part in Livonia (now territory of Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia), Germany, Denmark, Russia. The novel depicts events that defined the destiny of the three Baltic States, Denmark and Russia.

    Agnese Krivade

  • Bibliographic information
    Roalds Dobrovenskis, Magnus, dāņu princis. Novel. Riga: Jumava, 2004. 556 pp. ISBN 9984-05-836-0
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    Latvian 2004 Talrids Rullis
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