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    Monologue by a simple man who is troubled by pain in a delicate part of his body. The pain has been caused by a tiny fish scale, an elemental particle of sea life. Since herring is essential to the life of the islanders, they have to be patient if it causes them some discomfort from time to time. Originally written as a monologue for a well-known Estonian comedian, the text was  transformed into a short story to complement the collection of short stories and recipes entitled "Baltic Herring – Nice Little Fish" (2008).
    Tuglas Short Story Award 2009, second edition in 2009 (in the short story collection "April Piglet").
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    Baltic herring is only found in the Baltic Sea and is the national fish of Estonia. Baltic herring or even its scales can thus represent the entire sea or life on its shores.
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    Jüri Tuulik, Räim, pisike kena kala. Valitud lugusid ja toiduretsepte, p. 85-92, Tallinn 2008.
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