Maximilian Murmann (born in 1987) is a translator of Estonian and Finnish literature. He studied Finno-Ugric languages in Munich, Budapest, and Helsinki (2006-2012) and successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in 2018.
He translates fiction, non-fiction, comics, and children’s literature into German. He lives in Munich with his family.
Barbara Wiebking has been translating from Italian, English and French into German since 2008. Previously, she studied law and international relations in Germany, France and Hungary. In addition to legal, social science and literary texts, she translates texts on art, theatre, cinema, ecology and science.
She regularly volunteers as a Guardian Angel with the International Literature Festival Berlin (ilb), and in her spare time she likes to plant trees. In the summer of 2017, she worked as an art mediator at the documenta in Kassel. She collaborates with an inclusive theatre company in Berlin for which she creates surtitles.
Maike Barth was born in Germany in 1966. She studied Scandinavian Languages and Literature in Kiel and in Stockholm. For many years she has been working as a publishing editor. 
In 2015 she began to work as a freelance translator, translating from Swedish, Danish and Norwegian into German. Among other authors, she has translated works by Peter Englund and Hans Rosling. She lives in the very north of Germany and is a member of the Association of German Language Translators of Literary and Scientific Works, VdÜ. 


Christina Möllring is a freelance translator from Swedish to German. Born in 1969 in Celle, Germany, she studied Scandinavian literature in Kiel and Lund, Sweden. In her work she focuses on maritime and nautical topics, especially sailing and boats. She lives and works in the north of Germany at the Baltic Sea.

Born near Heidelberg in 1984, Sarah Schmitt grew up in South Germany and Oslo, Norway. She studied Mathematics and Philosophy in Heidelberg, New Delhi and Berlin and has been self-employed since 2014 working as a statistician, programmer, translator, editor and author.
During and after her studies, she regularly travelled abroad and wrote for various newspapers and magazines. Sarah Schmitt translated Algorithms for Dummies from English to German and regularly translates from and into Norwegian. She writes literary texts, both prose and poetry. Recently, her first book, an IT compendium on the coding language Python, was published. Sarah Schmitt lives in Berlin.
Mirko Bonné, born in Tegernsee in 1965, lives as a freelance writer and translator in Hamburg.
His novels „Wie wir verschwinden“ (Frankfurt a. M., Schöffling & Co. 2009), „Nie mehr Nacht“ (ibid. 2013) and „Lichter als der Tag“ (ibid. 2017) were nominated for the German Book Prize.
He has translated Robert Creeley, E. E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Henry James, John Keats, Ghérasim Luca, Robert Louis Stevenson, and William Butler Yeats, among others. Recent publications include „Wimpern und Asche“ ("Eyelashes and Ashes", Poems, ibid. 2018) and „Seeland Schneeland“ ("Seeland Snowland", Novel, ibid. 2021).
Bonné was awarded the Marie Luise Kaschnitz Prize in 2010 and the Rainer Malkowski Prize in 2014, among others. In 2020 / 2021, he taught as a visiting professor at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. In 2022, he will be a Hermann Hesse Fellow in Calw in the Black Forest.