Kronbergs, Juris

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Born in Sweden in 1946, in a Latvian artist family. Studied comparative literature, Nordic and Baltic languages at the University of Stockholm, as well as theory of translation and 20th century poetry at Cambridge, England. Radio journalist for Radio Sweden, and interpreter for Sweden’s parliament, government and The Nordic Council of Ministers. Cultural Attaché at the Latvian Embassy in Sweden (1992-2002). Poet, literary translator, lecturer and scholar. Several scholarships and prizes for poetry and translation, among them the prize for best poetry collection of the year in Latvia (1997) for the collection "Wolf One-Eye". Twelve collections of his poetry were published, as well as poetry on CD (in Latvia and in Sweden). His output as a translator includes forty-five books of translations, mostly Latvian poetry (but also prose) into Swedish, and Swedish literature into Latvian. His poems were translated into numerous languages and selections of his poems have been published in Great Britain, Lithuania, Armenia, France and Denmark.