Holländer, Katarina

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Katarina Holländer was born in Czechoslovakia in 1964. The family emigrated to Zurich in 1968, where she studied literature and art history.
Among other occupations Katarina Holländer worked as an editor at Benteli-Verlag in Bern, and for the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia as well as for the German Goethe-Institut in Prague. She was an editor of the Swiss cultural magazine "du" in Zurich until 1997, where the text published here also appeared for the first time.
Her participatory exhibition project "A Certain Jewish Something" was shown at several locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic starting in 2007. Most recently, Katarina Holländer's Diheime was published in "Unsere Schweiz - Ein Heimatbuch für Weltoffene" (Zytglogge 2019) and Der Riegel in the anthology "Dunkelkammern" (Suhrkamp 2020). In 2021 her book Wurzelwerk is published by Telegramme-Verlag, Zurich.